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How is my training different?

I take your athlete to the next level in his fitness plan. My program trains boys from age 11-17. My one-on-one training reboots the whole individual from the inside out. I access your son's strengths and eliminate his weaknesses. My program identifies areas of your child's ever-changing body and gives him the confidence and skills to train properly and safely. He won't just become stronger physically he will build a solid foundation of:

balance, reaction time, proprioception, increased coordination, strength, agility, endurance, core strength, flexibility, and mind-body awareness.

I offer two types of training individual and small group.

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Individual training/one hour $60/session

Boys 6-week small group training 

I offer a six-week training program that is exclusive to only 4 individuals:

*Contact me to schedule date/time.

·  Twice a week, one hour per session.​   

·  Contact me here to sign up or put your son on the waitlist.

This six-week session is $719. Payment can be made through Venmo (@tracey_staehle), Paypal, cash, or check. Make checks payable to Tracey Staehle Fitness LLC.

Visa & MC are accepted with a 6% processing fee.  

Payment options are available.

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Small group training, 12 sessions for $719

Mind & Body

Yoga Equipment


I don't just work with the outside, I work on the inside.  Meditation is a huge part of my fitness plan.  Calming the mind and training your son how to turn off the static in his head will help him perform better in school, at home, and on the field. 

Meditating at Home
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