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Whether you're an athlete or just love to work out Tracey Staehle can get you to your fitness goals. Get stronger, and improve your posture, core strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance with Tracey Staehle's workouts. Barre classes, one-on-one personal training, and group training for kids and adults.


Tracey’s class is the highlight of my morning routine due to her positivity,  spontaneity, and her years of professional experience.  She incorporates so many different challenging exercises that keep the workouts feeling fun and energizing. 

Betsy Halligan - Simsbury, CT

Tracey’s classes are what I have been missing in my fitness routine! We work those small, little-used muscle groups and focus on movements that most strength workouts overlook. The result is increased strength and flexibility….and I see an actual change in my body’s shape! Pair all that with her enthusiasm and heartfelt passion for knowing and challenging clients…you need her in your life! 

Kelley Geller - Simsbury, CT

I always look forward to Tracey’s classes. They are never the same but all are challenging and fun! Her energy is contagious and the classes are always difficult but empowering. She focuses on the whole person and building a healthy lifestyle not just doing a set of exercises. Tracey Staehle has become a verb in our house to remind us to have good posture:  stand straight, engage your core, and push your shoulders back. :)

Teresa Berry - Simsbury, CT

Tracey's classes are fun and never boring. She is such a professional and understands her clients, and thus tailors each class to the needs of her students. It's like working out with a friend and there is none of the intimidation that can come with those classes at a gym, regardless of your fitness level. I love ending each class with a short meditation as well. I leave her classes feeling fit and with my mind at ease.

Rebecca Mahoney - Simsbury, CT

Tracey makes working out fun!  She is very knowledgeable about fitness.  She guides you through a series of barre inspired toning and strengthening moves, all the while making sure that your form is correct so that you don't injure yourself. Tracey also offers ideas for modifications so that people with injuries and varying fitness levels can all get so much out of her classes. I highly recommend her!

Heather Feinsinger - Simsbury, CT

Always the optimist and the ever ready energy bunny cheering you on as you sweat your way through her class. Tracey has a vast knowledge about body structure. Her routines and exercises are catered to work for each client.

Mary Carangelo - West Hartford, CT

Tracey is the kind of instructor you want. Great eye for correct form and wonderful for adapting to all levels! Very knowledgeable! Highly recommend her classes.

Cory Jodice - Simsbury, CT

Super clean and well organized venue. Great lighting and music. All bands, balls, and mats available. Fantastic workout! Very focused and fun! Highly recommend this barre class above others for its attention to detail and spirit of inclusion for all levels of fitness. You will leave feeling fit and happy!

Diana Sylvester - Weatogue, CT

I love Tracey's classes! She makes them accessible for all levels, pushes you to do your best, and makes it fun.

Jenna Caulfield - Simsbury, CT

Tracey is an exceptional instructor who immediately makes you feel at ease. She mixes up the class content which keeps it fresh and fun. I feel like I stand taller since I began taking the class!

Carol Woznicki - Weatogue, CT

Tracey Staehle is not only a phenomenal fitness instructor but she is a real person who understands how hectic life can be and how hard it is to fit a workout  She tailors hers workouts to her clients needs. She corrects your form and makes accommodations for everyone in her class (safety is a huge concern). She understands that everyone is at a different point in their fitness regiment.  My personal experience w Tracey has been life changing. I had two children back to back and was in dire need to loose 40lbs. Tracey took it upon herself to be my personal coach. Guiding me every step of the way. I'm very pleased to say that three years later I'm still with Tracey and am in the best shape of my life at the age of 40.  Tracey is an inspiration to all and I owe her so much for giving me back my self confidence!!  I recommend Tracey Staehle as a fitness instructor to anyone and everyone who wants to get in shape or stay in shape. She will end up being your biggest advocate and motivator.  Did I mention  that Tracey has won countless best body competitions, after having 2 kids back to back in her forties beating out people in their twenties!

Lastly, Tracey gives you the inspiration to feel beautiful regardless of age. I owe so much to her and can't say enough great things about her classes.

Tina Boutilier - New Hartford, CT

Tracey's classes are so much fun. She pays close attention to each person to make sure they are doing each exercise correctly and makes class a lot of fun.

Jeanette Pulley - Simsbury, CT

Tracey's classes are always fun.  She  watches everyone closes for form and doesn't hesitate to make adjustments. I always feel better after our workouts.

Holly Wrisley - Simsbury, CT

Tracey is energetic, innovative, and knowledgeable. Her classes build strength and balance over time yet no class is exactly the same. Her classes are appropriate for a range of fitness levels and ages. I love that in the summer and fall, I can take her classes outside.

Paula Baird - Simsbury, CT

I love doing barre class with Tracey! She gets to know her clients’ strengths and weaknesses, and helps you achieve your fitness goals where you are at physically. Her classes are fun and really make your body feel good once you are done.

Ann de le Fe- Simsbury, CT

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