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Happy 2019 everyone!

Has it really been 7 years since I've posted on my blog?! Wow! Well, considering my kids were 1 & 2 back then, I can see why I wasn't very active at they keyboard. I'll be posting more this year. Just a quick note as to what I've been up to the since my last post 7 years ago!

Life happens:

After having my son in 2010, I decided the best way to get my pre-baby body back was to do a bikini competition. I enjoyed the training and the structure of the diet so much I did 3 of them. Being over 40, the training was hard on my body. I ended up with shoulder and hip issues which led me to leave heavy weight training and HIIT workouts and opt for a gentler form of exercise.

Barre - why I LOVE it!

My body loves barre workouts. About 4 years ago, I became certified by Barre Above with Leslie Bender in Boston, MA. Everything about Leslie's approach to fitness was directly in line with my philosophy and I just took my certificate and ran with it. You can make any class into a barre class. For me, bar