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The Simplest Way To Lose Weight

I have people ask me all the time, "I need to lose weight, what diet should I do?" Just yesterday a good friend of mine asked me this question. If it was last year I would have given a totally different answer, but not now.

The key to weight loss is very simple. All you need to do is this:

1) Approach it from a positive mindset.

Most people need to hit rock bottom before they make an effort to lose weight. Often times they are in a place of self loathing and disgust before they start a diet. Think about this for a minute. It's hilarious that most of us have to be at rock bottom before we start a weight loss program. How on earth can that be effective! Starting any difficult task when you are feeling awful - mentally and physically - is no way to be successful. No wonder most diets fail. Now think about when you are in a relaxed and centered place. Isn't it much easier to see things more clearly and make smart choices? Starting a task with a clear head, a relaxed attitude and a grateful heart makes it easier to stay the course and continue on a positive, healthy path. This is how you need to be when you start a weight loss program, if you want to succeed.

2) Love your body no matter what it looks like.

When you start a weight loss program with self loathing and disgust you will never come out on top. You need to be grateful to your body for keeping you alive. Find three things you love about your body and thank it. It could be that your heart beats every day, your skin glows and your feet move. Whatever it is, be grateful and show it some appreciation. If you are hateful, angry and cruel and ask a friend to do you a favor, chances are their going to tell you to get lost. Now, if you are loving and kind and ask a friend to do you a favor, you will get a much more positive reply. Think of your body the same way. Love yourself unconditionally, no matter what you see in the mirror. Show yourself gratitude. When you stop punishing yourself & your body and shift your focus to being grateful, loving and respectful toward your body, you will begin to feel better. When you feel better, your body will respond in a positive way.

3) Meditate. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Focus on feeling better. Think about why you want to lose weight. Visualize yourself going through the journey and see yourself being successful. There is nothing more powerful than your mind and what you can achieve when you focus all of your energy on something you truly want.

4) Give yourself time. Most people have a reunion, wedding, or some important event that forces them to start a diet. When you put an unrealistic time limit on your journey, you are destine to fail. RELAX, enjoy the process. Relish in your new found love for exercise, mindfulness, appreciation...As you evolve the weight will disappear.

5) Show yourself some love. Talk to yourself and be your own cheerleader. Encourage yourself. High five yourself for your accomplishments. Stay clear of negative self talk. Stay positive, always. Approach every day from a mindset of gratitude & love.

6) Tune into how what your eating makes you feel. Don't worry about counting calories or how many carbs you are eating. Think about how what you are eating makes you feel. This is being in tune with your body. Once you have established that mind body connection the rest is a piece of cake. ;-) Remember, you are in the drivers seat. You have 100% control over your success. Pay attention to how you feel. When something feels bad - back off. Approach every day from a mindset of gratitude & love.

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