New Years Intention

Forget making a new years resolution, very few people actually stick to them. Instead, set an intention and move into a path of success. What is an intention and how does it differ from a resolution? An intention is a mindful, descriptive statement of exactly what you truly want. It comes from a place of raw awareness and focused and honest truth. When you set an intention for something, you are doing it from a fully connected state in an effort to change something in your life. A resolution is statement of a goal. "I'm going to lose 25 pounds this year." An intention is thoughtful, descriptive and clear. When an intention is stated it should create a picture in your mind. An example of an intention is "This year I intend to go forward with an abundance of love and joy, to see the beauty in everything and everyone I encounter and to keep an open heart and a relaxed and calm nature so that abundance will flow easily toward me." Intentions aren't just short and to the point, they are well thought out and visual. Give it a try. Just the act of thinking about what you intend for the coming year is a powerful exercise that will bring you closer to who you truly are and if done with pure honesty, you will feel an active connection to your higher self.