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Fad diets!

The beginning of a new year always brings the latest diet craze, as well as, a gym membership, some kind of home fitness equipment or a new BeachBody DVD. I must admit I got a Peloton bike AND a pilates reformer, but more on that in another post! I am not a stranger to starting fresh in the new year and trying on a new eating plan, but how has that worked for me in the past...not so great! In my last post I talked about the cookbook "Eat With Intention" by Cassandra Bodzak. It's life changing! I'll explain why.

Fad diets don't work!

They just don't! We've all tried them and we've all failed. Why? Because we all want the quick fix. We don't want to do the hard work. We are too busy and too tired to grocery shop and prep our food and do what's necessary to eat well, so we reach for the juice cleanse or the 30 Day detox to shed some quick weight. What do we learn from that? That juice cleanses are expensive and make us hungrier and a 30 day detox may last us one or two days! We get so hungry we binge and end up gaining weight.

Self Care

For busy moms this is a foreign term. We are so used to doing for others, aka, our kids, and putting ourselves last that the thought of putting ourselves first is a fantasy. We feel selfish if we are not cleaning the house, making dinner or chauffeuring our kids around. When you think about it, taking time for ourselves should be a necessity. When I make time to get a pedicure or treat myself to a relaxing bath while watching the Hallmark channel (lol), I feel like a new me. Everyone in my family benefits from my little time away, especially me. So why is it so hard for us to do that? Because these days we are so overbooked and overstressed that we never take time to fit in some "me" time. I was the queen of multi-tasking. After years of no sleep, severe restless leg syndrome and what felt like early alzheimers, I found out that multi-tasking results in

getting less done. It also leaves you awake at night, with anxiety, making a mental to-do list, while staring at the ceiling at 2am.