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New to exercise? Start out slow and find the right fit for you.

Try a variety of different types of exercise to see what you love. If you LOVE it, you will stick with it!

Paddle yoga is a favorite of mine! I was in Nevis in December and couldn't get enough of this amazing workout. It is meditative, so you are working your mind, it challenges your balance and strengthens your body - all while experiencing the beauty of nature!

Who doesn't love a good run?! Again, if you are a nature junkie, get out there and give it a go.

Peloton Bike

I got the Peloton bike for Xmas and let me just say, WOW! It's everything and more. It is the smoothest, most amazing stationary bike I've ever been on. I got on it the day after my hip surgery and it was like butter! I have since been able to experience a variety of classes from yoga, meditation, cycling, strength training and more. It's not just a cycling program. Peloton has it ALL and then some! It is by far the best fitness money I have ever spent. All of the instructors have their own style and their own special message and there is someone for everyone. I love it! So, I have found another form of exercise I love.

Another item I recently acquired this year is the pilates reformer. Talk about a GREAT workout that is relatively KIND to your body! I have the AeroPilates 5-Cord reformer with the rebounder and it's the BOMB! It stretches me and tightens me and lengthens me and the rebounder is a GREAT cardiovascular workout - who knew?! I can't say enough about this little beauty.

My all time favorite workout is kickboxing. I love to hit something when I'm working out! It takes away my stress and makes me feel awesome! I'm always in a good mood after I kick the crap out of the heavy bag. I attribute it to being the youngest of five kids and always getting the @#it beaten out of me by my loving siblings. I love the physicality of the a great kickboxing workout and I LOVE how it shapes my body. I can always rely on 2-3 kickboxing workouts/week to get me in the best shape of my life!

Another favorite workout of mine in barre pilates. Again, it's kind to my body. The benefits I get are endless. My posture is fantastic, my balance is incredible, I have excellent flexibility and strength and zero impact on my joints.

When it comes to getting moving, the options are endless. Be creative. Try everything, be spontaneous, have an open mind. I promise you will find something that sparks happiness in you. When you do, that is a gift! Treat yourself with kindness and give yourself the gift of exercise. Your body will thank you!

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