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What eating plan is best for you?

I have asked myself this question for at least 20 years. The answer was never clear until now. What changed? I did. I stopped looking for a magic formula to lose weight and started paying attention to eating things that felt good. When I shifted my energy from a place of desperation and an irrational desire to lose weight to one of appreciation and love for delicious food, thats when the magic happened. A simple mind shift.

I listened to what kinds of food my body wanted and payed attention to how different foods made me feel. Instead of constantly looking to deprive myself of nutrition, I became more aware of how nutritious foods made me feel. I approach food differently now. I'm not looking to lose weight or diet, I just want to nourish my body with good food that will gratify it and keep it in top performance. When I made this discovery it made all the difference for me. I now enjoy the act of cooking my food. I take pleasure in it. I admire it.

Below I'm going to talk about a few popular fad diets that are happening right now. They are:

The Plant Paradox

The Mediterranean Diet

The Keto Diet



Intermittent Fasting