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Working out even when you don't want to.

How often do you honestly feel like working out? Is it something that you look forward to everyday? When it's cold outside and warm in bed do you push yourself to get up and either go to the gym, go for a run or do something at home? If your answer is no, then maybe these tips will help you find ways to boost your excitement to get moving.

I'll be honest, lately I've found that if I don't workout before I teach my morning class, I have very little motivation to do it after my class. Why have I not gotten up at 6am to exercise? Well, I did just recover from hip surgery and have been completely off my normal routine. Maybe my body wants more rest in the am? I do notice that I'm sleeping well and feeling so rested that I don't want to mess with that.

Listening to your BODY not your MIND makes a big difference. I have been listening to my body and allowing it more rest. By doing this I've been able to workout at random times during the day just to fit a workout in. I would have never done this had I not started meditating and actually paying attention to what my body actually needs. Instead of listening to that voice inside of you that tells you to skip the workout altogether, listen to what your body wants. There is a big difference. Maybe your body isn't up for a hard HIIT workout. Try doing just a 20 minute workout. I guarantee once you get started those endorphins will kick in and you will be adding additional time onto whatever it is you decide to do. This happens to me every single time I workout on an "off" time and just try and get a shorter workout in. I end up working out longer because I love the way it makes me feel. I have had some of my best workouts this way. I start off picking something short like a 30 minute HIIT ride on my Peloton, after I'm done I'm so in the zone I keep adding on additional workouts. The key is to notice how your body feels and how that makes you feel emotionally. I'm willing to bet you are in a better mood after you workout than if you skip it altogether.

Choosing a workout you love makes a huge difference! If you don't feel like working out and you are about to do a workout you detest, then thats a problem! There are way too many workouts out there for you not to at least like something! Mix it up, try different things to get yourself moving, have fun discovering something new. The Peloton, for me, is my something new. I'm addicted! What I love about it is the diversity of workouts offered. I can do 10 mins, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, you name it. What many of you may not know about the Peloton is it's WAY more than just cycling. With the app you not only get cycling but you also get:








Meditation &

Outdoor (audio)

I am absolutely loving it and have found that having both the Peloton and the app have pulled me out of my slump. I have yet to start a workout and not continue on with other workouts. It's so fun, I get a great workout and I feel really great afterwards.

I've also learned something new about myself. I've learned that all I need to do is not give up. Not give in to the voice in my head that says, "don't workout today, just relax." Instead, I listen to what my body wants, really wants. If you pay attention to that, you will hear another voice that may be telling you"just do something, a few minutes, anything." Try it. The next time you are not feeling the love to get moving, remember to tune into your body, listen to it. Give yourself a time table and set a goal of 30 minutes. I guarantee you will do more. It's just getting through the urge to do nothing. Tell yourself, "I'm going to do something." Make it something you enjoy. Find what makes you happy. Go outside and take a short walk. Go skiing or snowshoeing with a friend. Go for a hike with your dog. Being around nature is therapeutic in so many ways. When the weather is nice I teach class outside. It's so beautiful. There are so many things you can do outside that are physical, especially in the winter. If being outside isn't your thing, then google your favorite type of workout. I love FitSugar TV. They have everything you want and more and it's free! With the internet you can find a workout that works for just about anyone, you just have to do it.

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